At NSDC we employ a high level of standards when choosing our employees.  We take great lengths in finding dance educators who are not only wonderful dancers but great leaders, mentors, and role models for our young dancers.  Our instructors are some of the most qualified teachers in the industry.  We require all teachers to have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Dance Performance and/or  Bachelor of Arts with an Elementary Education, and or nationally certified as well as vast experience and recognition in their chosen field.  Our teachers are also chosen for their ability to relate to the needs of our students.  

Lastly, all of our instructors are required to stay current in their discipline of dance through various conventions and master classes.  We go one step further and are a member of the Minnesota Dance Medicine Foundation.  A foundation run by doctors and medical professionals focusing on dance safety.  Our instructors are required to attend their yearly convention and 1 semi annual clinic.  Nothing is more important than safety and injury prevention. For more information please see