Northstar Dance Company

Competition classes are available for student’s age 6 – 18 years of age. These classes were developed for the more serious dancer seeking a progressive curriculum. Director or instructor approval is needed for registering for these classes. Placement is based first on a student's ability to retain and execute the required skills for each level and then on age. Most levels are multi-year levels, meaning a student may spend 1, 2 or more years in a level until the necessary skills to be learned have been achieved.  Moving from one level to the next is determined by the NorthStar Dance Company Staff.  Dancers may be moved into a different level once the dance year has begun.  As a result the age groups listed below are a rough guideline and will not necessarily be reflective of the level your child is placed in.

Class Descriptions

BALLET: Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms and vital in becoming a technically trained dancer. Proper body placement and alignment are emphasized. Flexibility, balance, coordination, strength, and technique are achieved through barre and center floor work. Basic ballet terminology is introduced in our novice classes and continued at a higher level throughout our most advanced classes. Advanced level ballet classes include pointe technique in the curriculum. Our ballet faculty utilizes the Vaganova & Balanchine method's.

MODERN: Modern dance blends technique with creativity and expressiveness and is a key component to a dancer’s versatility. Our Modern classes incorporate Graham, Humphrey, Limon and Cunningham techniques. Classes are done barefoot and explore a variety of movements and techniques throughout warm-up and combinations from beginning to advanced students.

JAZZ: Jazz is an exciting and ever-evolving dance form that explores and encourages individual expression and the development of personal style. Jazz can be strong and powerful or expressive and lyrical. Classes include basic to advanced jazz dance technique, terminology and movement quality with an emphasis on precise execution of choreography.

TAP: Tap is an important component of traditional and contemporary dance that is often incorporated into musical theatre and other genres of dance.  Students will learn rhythmic variations and performance skills through a series of tap combinations. Novice classes will focus on basic rhythms and terminology while advanced classes will add more difficult variations to the choreography.

LYRICAL/CONTEMPORARY: Our lyrical/contemporary classes are geared for intermediate and advanced dancers who want to broaden their technique and performance skills. This class utilizes fluid movements and combinations with emotional motivation. Students will experiment with musicality, improvisation, and personal expression while learning the fundamentals of lyrical and contemporary movements.