NorthStar encourages dancers of all levels to reach their maximum potential. Instructors are highly experienced in their art and generous with their knowledge and encouragement in class. Instruction is geared toward motivating the individual student and encouraging personal exploration of movement. All classes at NorthStar have a strong technical base but are eclectic in their style of movement expression.

WHAT’S MY LEVEL? NorthStar instructors are happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have about your fit in a particular class.  To ensure proper level placement which leads to a far more enjoyable dance experience we hold auditions to give our staff the opportunity to place students appropriately.  Please inquire within for a full breakdown of tuition, fee's, and auditions.  

I'm _____yr's old....what group will I be in?  At NSDC age and years of dance are a small factor in group placement.  We hold auditions to make sure dancers are placed in a group with equal level, experience, and skill set to create a group with great chemistry and a recipe for fun and success. 

At NorthStar we believe it is important to start teaching student’s proper technique and skill from the very beginning.  Ballet technique is introduced to students from the beginning of and throughout training, both to develop the desired aesthetics and to prevent injury.  With strong ballet technique, it is easier to transition between all of the dance styles.  At NorthStar our focus is truly on teaching each student the appreciation, technique, strength and beauty of every dance form – and with that they develop great self confidence and self gratification, a love for dance and just plain having fun dancing!!!


Mini's - Tiny Stars!

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Juniors - Rising Stars 

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Junior/Teen - Shinning Stars

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Teen's - Bright Lights

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Teen/Senior - Northern Lights

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