Q:  How expensive is dance? 
A:  Dance costs can vary from recreational dance to competition dance.  We layout an itemized list of all tuition and fee's prior to the start of the season so there are no financial surprises!  Swing in sometime and we can discuss cost based on what type of dance your most interested in.

Q:  What makes NorthStar different than other studios?
A:  NorthStar is acclaimed for encouraging all levels of students in a nurturing and fun environment. Class sizes are small for more individualized attention, and our talented faculty members are tops in their fields! They understand the needs of families and place great importance on achieving the NorthStars vision of excellence in dance in a family-friendly environment. Come visit our state-of-the-art studio and see for yourself.

Q:  How do i get started?
A:  You have 2 options:

  1. You can fully manage your account, pre-register, make class reservations and purchases by creating an account with us.  Simply 'sign up' on our parent portal. 
  2. You are also welcome to simply stop in - no pre-registration required. 

Q:  What is the best way to get my question answered?
A:  You can call the dance studio or email the owner if you have any specific questions. Email is usually the best means, as it is checked regularly and daily throughout the year.

Q:  Can I try a class and see if I like it before I commit?
A:  We do offer complimentary classes for new students. In order for us to reserve a place for you, we ask that you would please call our studio.

Q:  What do I need to wear for trial class?
A:  You can wear any comfortable clothing. If you have a leotard and tights and shoes already, that will work out great. If you don't have dance shoes, you can wear socks or go barefoot. Due to our special Marley flooring, street shoes are not allowed.

Q:  How many students are in each class?
A:  Class size is determined by the class level and the studio in which the class will be taking place. At NorthStar, we are careful to keep the class size small enough for the teacher to provide personal attention to each student, and allow the class to thrive in progressive classroom environment.

Q:  How old do you have to be to go on Pointe?
A:  Dancers must be 11 years of age to begin their Pointe work, with the approval of a faculty member based on sufficient technique and having attended additional technique classes each week.

Q:  How are students placed in class level?
A:  Moving from one level to the next is determined by the NorthStar Dance Company staff.  It is based on ability, readiness, and age. Most levels are multi-year levels, meaning a student may spend 1, 2 or more years in a level until the necessary skills to be learned have been achieved.