We have multiple fundraising opportunities throughout the course of the season.  Some run all year long while others focus on individual events.  The information listed on this page is for our current fundraising opportunities and is updated monthly.  


This is from our parent led fundraising group.  Please send questions to Amy Peters (Contact info below).  This is one of many fundraising opportunities we will offer to help offset the cost of dance.  


  • We have set up a fundraiser selling gift cards for over 750 locations for the our Northstar Families. The way it works is that we sell the cards at face value and purchase them through Scrip at a discount. The difference in cost is money that will go into your child's account for dance expenses. Instead of using a check or credit card at a place you normally do business, you would pay with a gift card. The discount amounts vary by retailer and month to month as some will have specials periodically. For example, Cub is typically 4%, Holiday Stationstores is 4%, American Eagle is 10%, Barnes & Noble is 9%, Chili's is 11%. So, if you purchase a $100 Cub gift card, you will receive $100 to spend at Cub, Northstar will pay $96 for the card and $4 will be deposited into your child's account. This is a fabulous way to raise money with your everyday purchases.

  • To sign up, go to www.shopwithscrip.com. You will need to enter our enrollment code: CD51LBEL61L22 This ties you to our group account. You can also sign up for PrestoPay, which is a way to pay by having the money pulled directly out of your checking account.

  • Some retailers offer cards that can be reloaded. The first time you order, you will order a regular gift card. When money is out or running low, you can reload them through your family account, by choosing the Reload or Reload Now option from the retailer dropdown. If you pay using PrestoPay, the money will be available right away for a Reload Now and the next day for a Reload. If you pay with cash or a check, the reload money will not be available until the day after the order is released by the coordinator (Amy Peters). I use the Cub Reload Now all the time. Before we go shopping (or sometimes on the way there), I load money onto the card and pay with PrestoPay. When we get to Cub, the money is on my card and that is how I pay for our groceries.

  • ScripNow are eCards that can be ordered and then printed at home or pulled up on your phone. If you use PrestoPay, you will be able to print the eCard in minutes. If you pay by cash or check, the order will need to be released by me. You will then receive an email when you can print the gift card. I have used these for online shopping. I go to a participant's website (Kohls, Under Armour, Old Navy, etc), put what I need in the cart, go to the cart to get my total, log onto Shopwithscrip, purchase the ecard with PestoPay and then enter the gift card number in the checkout of the retailer.  With Presto Pay, you can also order "Scrip now" cards while you stand in line at a store to make your purchase, thus saving money while you shop!

  • I know this is a lot of information. I am attaching the family user guide, which will help you set up your account and place orders. I am also attaching the list of participating retailers. This list changes periodically as new retailers are added or gift card amounts change. I would recommend printing this off periodically to be able to show family and friends what is available. Also on this list is the percentage the retailer offers.

  • If you have questions, please feel free to email me at amypeters3rox@gmail.com or call me at 952-393-8989.

  • We will place orders monthly on the 15th of the month. Orders are entered using your family account. If you don't want to use PrestoPay or if you sell gift cards to family or friends, checks should be written out to NSDC and need to be given to Mrs. Peters or the Front Desk at Northstar by the 10th of the month. Please make sure that you indicate on the envelope that your check is for gift cards.

  • This is a GREAT way to earn money for your dance expenses. By using gift cards to pay for your everyday things and selling them around holidays to your family and friends, it is amazing how quickly the savings add up. Our family raised over $4000 in two years for our Spanish Club trips through school.